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Wells Fargo is a brand name owned by the Wells Fargo & Company, a financial services company having global presence with diversified products and services. The main subsidiary of the company is Wells Fargo Bank, NA, which is regarded as one among the four largest banks in the United States. The other three are Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. With a brand name that is well recognized across North America and other parts of the world, the bank has acquired a distinction for itself when it comes to meeting the expectations of consumers and fulfilling their desire.

Latest statistics shows that Wells Fargo ranks first in market capitalization and fourth in asset holding among all banks in the US. Its total assets value is $1.6 trillion and the market value of the stocks it currently holds is put at $276 billion. It is also the second largest bank by deposits. With one of the most extensive networks of banking stores, branches and ATMs in the United States, it operates a diversified range of business that includes banking, insurance, mortgage, investments, and consumer and commercial finance. With the assistance of about 265,000 team members, Wells Fargo maintains a strong customer base of over 70 million.

The products and services of Wells Fargo are made available to over 70 million customers nationwide through online as wells through more than 9,000 stores and nearly 12,500 ATMs. The merger with Wachovia in 2008 has helped Wells Fargo expand its reach to more US locations, and today it has strengthened its presence in as many as 39 states. Based in San Francisco, the bank has a good presence in California market with over one thousand banking stores in this state alone. Other states where the brand names of Wells Fargo and Wachovia have dominating presence include Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Alabama.

Wells Fargo is probably the largest residential mortgage originator and the second largest mortgage servicer in the US. It is also the second largest issuer of debit card and fourth largest wealth management provider. The bank also ranks among the leading providers of dealer services and credit cards, and it offers hundreds of rewards programs to support emergency and relief efforts. Other products include personal loans, auto loans, student loans, retirement programs, mutual funds, investment services and more.

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Bank NameWells Fargo Bank, NA
Year of EstablishmentJanuary 1, 1870
FDIC Insured SinceJanuary 1, 1934
FDIC Certificate No3511
Number of Branches6348 domestic + 37 foreign
Number of ATMs12,000
Number of Employees223,040
Number of States Served42 States
Services Offered (Available Accounts)CDs, Checking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Health Saving Account (HSAs), IRAs, Savings
Mobile and Online BankingAccount Balance, Bill Pay, Text Banking, Fund Transfer, Mobile Banking App
Assets (June 30, 2014)1,436,828,000
Deposits (June 30, 2014)1,135,965,000
Equity Capital (June 30, 2014)141,392,000
Net Income (June 30, 2014)5,131,000
Primary Federal RegulatorOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
Consumer Assistancehttp://www.helpwi
Address101 N. Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104

(Courtesy: FDIC as on June 30, 2014)

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