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US Bank Personal Loans

U.S. Bank provides fast and easy access to funds exclusively for its existing customers with personal loans and lines of credit. These loans and lines of credit can help you meet a number of urgent expenses if you are an existing customer of the bank. Following are some of the personal loans and lines of credit options offered by the bank.

US Bank Premier Line of Credit

To get fast access to funds on an ongoing basis, you can apply for the US Bank Premier Line of Credit. With this line of credit, you can get your money when you need it and at a competitive interest rate. Some benefits of Premier Line of Credit includes no annual fees, generous credit limits, competitive annual percentage rates, and convenient ongoing access to funds through Visa Platinum Access Card, Premier Line Access Checks, and branch tellers. You can also enjoy 24-hour online banking at and low percentage rate for balance transfers, advances and purchases. The current rate of interest for the credit line can be anything from 9.25% to 13.25% depending upon your qualifications and credit standing.

US Bank Premier Loan

US Bank Premier Loan is a low interest unsecured personal loan that comes with fixed interest rate and monthly payments. It is specially designed to meet the one-time financing needs of its existing customers. You can also choose a Premier Loan installment loan if you are looking to get a small personal loan amount. These loans are the best form of non-recurring financing option for asset acquisition, home improvements or to pay off debts. Once your loan application is approved, you will get loan amounts ranging from $3,000 to $25,000. No collateral requirement, no annual fee and convenient terms are the benefits of Premier Loan term.

US Bank Reserve Line of Credit

Reserve Line of Credit is a personal line of credit that offers overdraft protection and allows a customer to get more from his checking account with the bank. With this line of credit, you can only pay charges on the loan amount you borrow and it has no annual fees. You can also meet short-term cash requirements by borrowing from this personal line of credit. Some benefits of Reserve Line of Credit includes low monthly payments, no annual fees, protection of US Bank Checking account from accidental overdrafts, automatic advances into checking account when balance falls below zero and fast access to line of credit through U.S. Bank Check Card, writing a check or making transfer in a branch or ATM.

Who can be Eligible for U.S. Bank Personal Loan Products?

You must note the following points before applying for an unsecured personal loan at the bank.

  • You must be an existing customer of the U.S. Bank.
  • You must have a checking or savings account that is at least 4 months old.
  • You must have a good credit score. Many borrowers have found a score of 700 good enough to get quick approval.
  • You need to present the following documents in support of your qualification for the loans.
    • Social Security Number
    • Proof of your current rent or mortgage payment
    • Details of your current employment
    • Proof of your annual income

There are three ways to apply for the loan:

  1. Online using the official website of the bank
  2. By phone using the number 800-757-7147
  3. Visiting a brick-and-mortar branch

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