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TD Bank Routing Number

By Oliver Smith on April 22nd, 2014   

TD Bank Routing Number, which is also referred to as Transit Number, can be found on the bottom left side of a check. This number is necessary to set up direct deposit if you are working in an organization. The routing number is indeed a nine-digit number that is based on the design developed by American Bankers Association. It is as a result also known as ABA number and more commonly as Routing Transit Number (RTN). Each branch of a financial institution is assigned a separate code making it distinguishable from the others. It is thereby a general requirement for the processing of Fedwire funds transfers or wire transfers and also for the processing of direct deposit, bill payments, and other similar automated transfers by Automated Clearing House (ACH).

TD Bank operates in the District of Columbia and 15 US states located in the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast Regions. These states include Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhodes Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont. There are nearly 1200 branches of the bank spread across all these locations. Each of these branches is assigned a separate routing number which you can get only by contacting the customer service department at 888-751-9000.

As the bank has gone through several transition phases in recent times (the most recent being the merger of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank in 2008 that resulted the present TD Bank), the routing number appearing on your check might look different from the present routing number of the concerned bank branch. Nevertheless, you can use either of these as the bank has put a system to appropriately link to the correct routing number.

TD Bank Routing Numbers for some of the US states are listed below:

Maine (ME) 211274450
New Hampshire (NH) 011400071
Massachusetts (MA) 211370545
Connecticut (CT) 011103093
New York (NY) 021302567
Vermont (VT) 011600033
Metro-New York 021201503
New Jersey (NJ) 021201503
Delaware (DE) 031101266
Florida (FL) 067014822
District of Columbia (DC) 054001725

For more information contact your branch or search the official website of TD Bank.