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SunTrust Bank Routing Number

SunTrust Bank Routing Number is not posted on the official website of the bank for security reasons. For those customers who have paper checks, but still need the routing number for some purpose can contact the bank by calling at 800.SUNTRUST (800.786.8787). By calling at this number one can speak with the bank representative from 6:00 a.m. to midnight ET, seven days a week.

In order to find your SunTrust Bank Routing Number, have a look at the bottom left corner of your check issued by the bank. Routing number is also known as transit number and this nine-digit number identifies the bank holding your particular account and check processing center.

In agreement with the guidelines from the American Bankers Association, SunTrust Bank is deactivating several routing transit numbers that were acquired through mergers and acquisitions with various other financial institutions. In case if your routing number is retiring, you will have to reorder your checks as soon as possible. It is announced by the bank that after December 31, 2007, only checks with fresh routing number information should be used.

Customers of the SunTrust who have set up Direct Deposit using a retiring routing number should provide a Notification of Change message to the originator of the Direct Deposit. The originator may also ask the customers for a new Direct Deposit set up form. While filling the set up form, you can use the new universal ACH Routing Transit number of 061000104 together with your account number. The new universal ACH Routing Transit number must appear on your next check order directly below or to the right of the SunTrust logo.

SunTrust Bank Routing Number in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina are found to be the same, which is 061000104. For Further details, visit the official website of the bank.


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