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SunTrust Personal Loans

SunTrust Personal Loans are available in a number of options and affordable rates and they are very helpful when you require urgent cash to meet your emergency expenses. SunTrust Bank personal loan rates are very competitive and borrowers with good credit history can get the best available rates in the market. Whether you need some money to arrange a marriage, make some home renovation, or pay off pending bills, a low rate personal loan from SunTrust Bank is all that you need.

SunTrust Bank Unsecured AnythingLoan

Available at LightStream, an online lending division of SunTrust Bank, the AnythingLoan is like a personal loan with very competitive rates. The maximum that the bank can finance under this scheme is $100,000; however the best rates are availed on amount between $10,000 and $24,999. The rate of interest may differ according to the purpose of loan, but it remains within 6% in all cases.

Take a hypothetical situation. You need financial assistance for home improvements. The bank can offer you $10,000 at 4.99% APR with a term of 3 years. The loan will result in 36 monthly payments of $299.66, which is quite affordable and convenient to pay. You can have the borrowed amount within a day without any hassle.

SunTrust Bank Personal Lines of Credit

It is a better and sensible idea to use a personal line of credit than holding a credit card. The biggest advantage will be in the rate of interest. This is what makes it a good option to pay off high-interest-rate balances and in debt consolidation. At SunTrust, you have at least three personal credit lines to choose from, each with its own unique features.

  1. Personal Credit Line (PCL)
  2. Personal Credit Line Plus (PCL+)
  3. Select Credit Line

SunTrust Bank Personal Installment Loans

The bank brings a wide range of personal finance options for those who need some financial assistance to fulfill their dreams. Under its personal finance section, SunTrust Bank offers mortgages, home equity, home retention, automobile loans, installment loans, educational loans, marine loans, RV-motor home loans, physician loans, and affordable lending solutions. Now, you can realize your dream of buying a new home or a car or making your dream holiday.

Personal installment loans as well as line of credits offered by the bank are also an ideal way to meet your cash needs. You can buy a small boat, plan a vacation, or make some home improvement with these types of SunTrust Bank personal loans. Installment loans are also available in different programs that include unsecured loans, CD/Savings loans, motorcycle loans, and personal credit line. CD/Savings loans are loans that are secured by any SunTrust CD or savings account.

SunTrust personal installment loans come with a number of interesting features and benefits. First of all, potential borrowers may be eligible to get up to a 0.75% interest rate discount depending on their relationship with the bank. The repayment options of most of the loan terms are specially designed to fit with the budget of the borrowers. The bank offers conditional approval of the loan application within few hours. In addition, the bank provides convenient ways to pay the loan through mail, at local branch, or from the SunTrust deposition account.

To obtain the unsecured loans offered by the bank, you are no longer required to provide any collateral or security. They will just make a credit check and the loan amount will be based on your financial status. To get more extensive information on the features and application process of the loan terms, talk to a representative of the bank by dialing 800.279.4824. One can also visit their local branch or their official website to find more information on the available loan options and their preconditions.

SunTrust Bank

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