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Santander Bank Routing Number

Santander Bank Routing Number is also known as Santander Bank ABA Number and it is essential while carrying out banking activities such as wire transfer and direct deposits. Gone are the days when people have to visit the bank branches to make deposits and transfers. Now, you can simply initiate or receive online wire transfer or direct deposits to accounts in some other bank branches located in different parts of the country.

In order to receive a wire transfer into a Santander Bank account, one will have to provide some information to the bank originating the transfer. For instance, you will need to provide your mailing address and your full name, your Santander Bank account number, SWIFT Code, and Santander Bank routing number.

For customers opening their account in New England region including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, their routing number is 011075150. However, 231372691 is the routing number for customers with their account in Mid-Atlantic region such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

On the other hand, if the depositing bank needs an address for Santander Bank to initiate the wire transfer, you can use the following address:

Santander Bank
601 Penn Street
Reading PA 19601

In case if you are looking to set up direct deposit into your Santander Bank account, then you are required to provide some information to the initiator of the direct deposit. You will have to provide your name, address, account number, Santander Bank routing/transit number, and the address of the bank branch where you have opened your account. It is essential for the customers to know that transfers can only be made between Santander Bank accounts when they are using the Online or telephone banking services.

Santander Bank also provides three convenient options to send funds to other account with some other banks. You can easily sign-up for BillPay by visiting the official website of the bank, and enjoy the free online BillPay services. This is a completely free service and you can make online payments to almost anywhere in the country. The second option is that you can set up automatic draft from your existing Santander Bank account by providing information such as your account number and routing number to the receiving bank. Moreover, you can make a request for a wire transfer through one of the local branches of the bank. Remember that a wire transfer fee will be charged in order to obtain this convenient service.


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