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RBC Bank USA was a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada in the US before it was acquired by PNC Financial Services in 2012. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the bank had branches in six southeastern states of the country. The transition process for all RBC Bank locations is in progress, and when the transition gets completed all these locations will start functioning under the PNC logo and brand. The branches are located in North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Before the turn of the century, the bank existed as Centura Bank, which was then acquired by Royal Bank of Canada. It was renamed first as RBC Centura and then as RBC Bank. The bank had a good presence in North Carolina. It expanded further by acquiring Tucker Federal Bank in Alabama and Flag Bank in Georgia. It also acquired Birmingham-based AmSouth Bank, which helped it gain a strong foothold in the Alabama market. Another historical milestone was the acquisition of Alabama National Bank Corporation (ANB), which made it a big bank in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

The branches of RBC Bank USA are expected to continue offering their normal banking services as PNC branches. The bank was seen a leader in consumer banking and lending services in the markets it served. The mortgage rates were competitive and it was easy to seek mortgages and personal loans from the bank. The bank also had a selection of Visa credit cards to offer with exciting rewards programs.

Most services were available online through a secured online banking platform. As it happens with any merger and acquisition, the existing customers of RBC Bank USA may be allowed to use their current login ID and password in order to access PNC online banking platform. The routing number, customer service phone number and other vital information are likely to change, so they need to keep watching the updates from the bank.

Bank Name RBC Bank USA (Inactive as of March 2, 2012 on account of a merger with PNC Bank, NA)
Year of Establishment 11-03-90
FDIC Insured Since 11-03-90
FDIC Certificate No 33184
Number of Branches 426 (domestic branches now as PNC Bank Branches) + 1 Foreign
Number of ATMs
Number of Employees 4,764
Number of States Served 6
Services Offered (Available Accounts)
Mobile and Online Banking
Assets (Dec 31, 2011) 27,169,497
Liabilities (Dec 31, 2011) 23,510,422
Equity Capital (Dec 31, 2011) 3,659,075
Net Income (Dec 31, 2011) -445,989
Primary Federal Regulator Federal Reserve Board (FRB)
Consumer Assistance
Address 301 Fayetteville St, Raleigh,NC 27601

(Courtesy: FDIC as on Dec 31, 2011)

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