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Fifth Third Bank Routing Number

The Fifth Third Bank Routing Number for wire transfer is 042000314. You must use this number for wires coming into a Fifth Third bank branch. If you want to wire the funds to any other financial institution, you need the appropriate routing number of that institution. Moreover, you are also required to provide information about your name and the account number. The routing number is a special number provided by an independent body in order to identify a financial institution or its branch.

Fifth Third Bank has operations in twelve states, which include Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. With more than 1300 locations in these states that also include Fifth Third Bank Affiliates, the bank has emerged as one of the leading financial services providers in this region. Though the routing number for all the 5th 3rd bank branches is the same, which is 042000314, each of its affiliates has a different routing number.

Here are the details of the 53 bank affiliate routing numbers:

RegionRouting Number
FL-Central Florida063109935
FL-North Florida063113057
FL-South Florida067091719
FL-Tampa, Florida063103915
IN-Central Indiana074908594
IN-Southern Indiana086300041
KY-Central Kentucky042101190
KY-Northern Kentucky042100230
KY-Southwestern Kentucky083002342
MI-Eastern Michigan072405455
MI-Northern Michigan072401404
MI-Western Michigan072400052
MO-St. Louis, Missouri081019104
NC-North Carolina053100737
OH-Cincinnati, Ohio042000314
OH-Columbus, Ohio044002161
OH-Northeastern Ohio041002711
OH-Northwestern Ohio041200050
OH-Southern Ohio042207735
OH-Western Ohio042202196
PA-Western Pennsylvania043018868

The routing number, which is also referred to as ACH number or Routing Transit Number, is required for online check reordering also. You may not require it if you personally visit a Fifth Third Banking Center to complete the order. To complete an online check reordering task, you need to provide the account number and the starting number of your next check, besides the routing or transit number. You will receive the check reorders via mail and you will also be charged a fee, which will appear on your account.

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