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Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Excellent choice if you are a frequent visitor to Hobby Lobby stores. Not a bad card at all if you want to use it at any other store that accepts a VISA card. The cardholders are awarded with 5 points per dollar spent at a Hobby Lobby store and 1 point per dollar at any other store across the United States.

The credit card is issued in partnership with U.S. Bank, a leading bank recognized nationwide for easy access, secure login, and quick customer service support. You are actually interacting with U.S. Bank for anything related to Hobby Lobby credit card application, payment and customer service.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Application

Hobby Lobby is currently having over 600 retail stores nationwide, each selling a wide selection of products categorized into groups like arts and crafts, fabric, jewelry, frames, floral, and wedding items. In all, it claims to have more than 70,000 products in its stores. A store credit card or gift card may offer value if you choose to purchase from any of its store.

Should you apply for a Hobby Lobby credit card?

You will automatically receive a $25 Rewards Card as soon as you accumulate 2,500 points on your Hobby Lobby credit card. Remember, you can earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at the store and 1 point for every dollar you spend at any other place.

This simply means you are offered $5 cash back on every purchase you make at a Hobby Lobby store. Moreover, the card offers 1,000 bonus points after you make your first purchase at the store.

Please be warned that the card may carry an annual fee if your credit score is not within the acceptable limit. Though it is not clear how much credit score you need to qualify for a $0 annual fee, it can safely be assumed that anything over 650 will do. The APR may also vary from 12.99% to 23.99% depending on your credit score.

How to apply?

That’s fairly simple. Just walk in any Hobby Lobby store and sign up for a new credit card. You can also apply online at the website of U.S. Bank. An applicant must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States to apply. Besides, you will also need Social Security Number and preferably login details for U.S. Bank online banking access.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Payment

U.S. Bank promotes online payment options for a speedier, safer and more convenient experience. Though it is possible to pay by mail or phone, you will find it easier to set up automatic payments and do a variety of things online. For example, the FlexControl payment options allow users to set up AutoPay, select a payment due date, and receive account alerts. The best way to enjoy a store credit card to pay the bill in full before the payment due date and never let interests accumulate.

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