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Bealls Outlet Credit Card

Bealls Outlet credit card should not be confused with Bealls Texas credit card, though both are offered by the same company, the Columbus Ohio based Comenity Bank. Owned and managed by Alliance Data Retail Services, Comenity Bank offers separate payment gateways for the two similar-looking companies.

A Bealls Outlet credit card owner must visit the correct website for payment login and online access to his or her account. For any login issue or other problem, you can dial the customer service phone 1-800-820-8792 for instant help. With online access to Comenity Bank payment center, you can easily pay your bill online, check credit card balance, view and print statements, and update your account information.

Should you have a Bealls Outlet credit card?

Bealls Outlet has about 450 stores in 16 U.S. states, including Florida where it was founded in 1915. In many states, it operates under the name of Burkes Outlet, just to distinguish itself from the Texas-based Bealls owned by Stage Stores Inc.

Bealls Outlet Stores along with Bealls Department Stores are owned by Bealls headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. If you have a Bealls or Burkes Outlet store in your neighborhood and you buy often from there, then it makes sense to own a store credit card and avail huge discounts on purchases.

What are the benefits of having a Bealls Outlet credit card?

You are entitled to receiving a $5 Reward Coupon for every 200 points you earn. With 2 points on every dollar you spend, you are virtually offered 5% cash back on every purchase you make at a Bealls or Burkes Outlet store anywhere in the United States. Apart from that the store can offer 15% off your entire purchase on Monday or Friday. No annual fee and easy online bill payment options are additional advantages. Besides, the store comes up with many new benefits and extra rewards offer from time to time.

What are the credit card payment options at Comenity Bank?

Pay at least the minimum amount due by the payment date to keep your account up-to-date. Paying the entire balance due will be a better idea as you can avoid interest charges accruing on your balance. Comenity Bank has four options for Bealls Outlet credit card payment.

  • Online: Using your login details, you can easily sign in to your account to set up online payment. Have your checking account automatically debited before 6 pm ET for same day payment with this method.
  • In-Store: You may be able to visit a nearby Bealls Outlet store and drop off your payment. Please refer to the back of your statement to check if you are offered with this option.
  • Mail: Check your billing statement to find the mailing address and the payment coupon. Online users can log in to their account and get a print out of payment stub for payment by mail.
  • Phone: You can call the phone number provided on the back of your billing statement. Note that you must call during the customer service hours and talk to a customer service representative. Also note that the service is not free and a fee may be applicable for the same day credit.

Who should I contact for Bealls Outlet credit card login issues and online payment difficulties?

The customer service phone number to call for any issues related with Bealls Outlet credit card is 1-800-820-8792. If you are experiencing problems with credit card login or online access to your account, then you must call this number for instant help and support.

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