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Chase Bank Routing Number

Routing Number is better known as ABA routing or simply transit number can be easily obtained from any of the voided check issued by the bank.
Depending upon where you had open your account routing numbers will vary and you should find the routing number specific to your location. It is a nine digit code assigned by the bank to its branches in different states for the purpose of identity of the location of the account while carrying out a number of online as well as offline banking processes. The following are the American Bank Association (ABA) routing/transit number pertaining to different regions in the United States.

How to identify routing number on check?
chase routing mumber

Chase Transit Number or routing number of different states

Now you can find Chase routing number of California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Georgia, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Virginia, connecticut, Wisconsin, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Oregon, New Jersey and more states.

Routing Number States
322271627 California
071000013 Illinois
267084131 Florida
021000021 New York - Downstate
122100024 Arizona
022300173 New York - Upstate
061092387 Georgia
124001545 Utah
325070760 Washington
111000614 Texas
102001017 Colorado
021100361 Connecticut
051900366 West Virginia
075000019 Wisconsin
123271978 Idaho
044000037 Ohio
103000648 Oklahoma
325070760 Oregon
065400137 Louisiana
322271627 Nevada
021202337 New Jersey
083000137 Kentucky
072000326 Michigan
074000010 Indiana

It is quite easy to find routing number as it appears on the extreme left bottom of voided checks of JP Morgan Chase Bank. It is essential for the account holders of the bank to know there routing number as it is necessary while performing Fedwire fund transfers, direct deposits and various other automated online transfers. The American Bankers Association is credited with the introduction of the transit number of the bank in 1910. Since then, a huge range of routing numbers has been assigned to several banks taking the bank’s transit number.

Chase saving account or checking account holders can select the routing number listed above and enjoy the fast and hassle free services of online wire transfer and fund transfer without wasting their precious time. Routing number of Chase Bank for wires is also the recipient bank routing number. However, to make wires transfer, it is often required to provide the swift number of the bank branch to where the transfer is to be made.

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