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Have you gone through the Chase Bank’s safety guidelines and imbibed it fully to protect your account from online fraud? Don’t let yourself get caught off guard when you are to deal with the most sensitive data over the Web, which has always been a target of nefarious hackers, spammers, and perpetrators of phishing and other similar activities. Despite the fact that Chase Bank online banking is fully-equipped with all necessary security layers enabling you to experience the complete freedom and total safety, you never know when the unexpected happens.

What the Latest Reports say about the Current Trends of Phishing

A report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has revealed a rise in the incidents of phishing activities in 2011. Though the number of identified threats last year is well below the highest recorded in 2009, it is significantly more than the total number of distinct attacks in 2010. An anti-phishing website has received nearly 20,000 submissions of suspected phishes in the month of January this year, out of which about 14,000 were found to be valid. A few of these were reportedly targeted to JP Morgan Chase and Co.

So, it’s high time you should check the updates on security tips and be well prepared to fight the impending danger. With Chase Bank Online, you get the confidence of an enhanced layer of security while transacting over the Internet. Nevertheless, it is imperative to know where you can go wrong to become a pawn in the hands of web hackers. There is no questioning about the security systems that Chase has deployed across its online network. It is how you use this system that can pose a security threat to your personal information and make you vulnerable to a cyber crime.

How You Can Use Chase Online Banking System Safely

Here are some highlights of the guidelines. To read it fully, visit the Chase’s website.

  • Keep your workstation out of reach from any person. If it is not possible, make it a point to log off your session when you are not using the PC.
  • Never share passwords to anyone or keep a record of the same in any form. Keep changing your password at frequent intervals, always choosing a mix of alphanumeric and special characters to make it hard for the others to guess.
  • Report a suspicious activity on your Chase account immediately to the concerned authorities.
  • Keep your virus management software up to date and run a complete scan of your system every now and then.
  • Never open an email attachment received from an unknown sender. Do not provide your email address to any third party website without reading its security policies and privacy terms and conditions.
  • You must install a secure browser that can support 128-bit encryption.

How Chase Bank Online makes your life easier

Chase Bank Online brings some of the most convenient services that have revolutionized the way of banking in the contemporary world. Gone are the days when customers of the bank have to visit their branches in order to meet their banking needs. Today, almost anything can be done through Chase Online Banking services offered by the bank. Now, you can just open your e-mail and get paperless statements of your account and stay organized. You no longer have to wait for the paper statement and the mail that often takes some time. Chase Online services are available to every type of customers and all they have to do is just enroll for it.

Chase Bank Online Banking Products and Services:

A wide range of online banking services can be enjoyed after enrolling your account with Chase Online. One of the best things is that a customer can take instant actions if their account dips below their preset limits with the help of text notification from the bank. On the other hand, one can transfer money from anywhere at any time, and avoid fees by making online transfers. Chase also offers a variety of Alerts that will assist the customers to control their finances, avoid overdrafts, and protect their account. Daily Alert 1 service of the bank provides alerts that help you to monitor your balances, large transactions, and account activity.

Chase Bank Online Payment:

Chase Online Bill Pay is a convenient and hassle free service introduced by the bank to allow you to save time and avoid late fees while paying several types of bills. With this service, the bank guarantees that your bills will be sent on time to anywhere in the United States. All you need to do is just decide whether to make a one-time payment or repeating payments and the bank will sent your payment before it is due. Chase Online payment can be made for almost any kind of bills that include your rent, utilities, credit card bills, car payments, mortgage, and several others. The electronic payments usually reach people in just two days or even less.

Chase Online Login Process: An Overview

To make Chase Bank online banking login, new customers will first have to register their account for the online service. Existing users can just visit and enter their user ID and password to make online login. Thereafter, customers can carry out a number of online banking activities to effectively manage their funds. On the other hand, Chase Bank Online Customer Service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist troubled customers. In case if you have some questions regarding your existing account, or if you are thinking to open a fresh account, representatives of the bank are always there to help you.

For further information on Chasebankonline and Chase Online Application services, you can visit the official website of the bank listed below.

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