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BB&T Bank Routing Number

BB&T Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit number assigned by ABA (American Bankers Association) separately for each state and geographical location where the company operates. Branch Banking and Trust, as the full name of the company goes, has operations in 11 US States and the District of Columbia (DC). These states include Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. With acquisition of Colonial Bank, the bank has also expanded in Texas and Washington DC.

BB&T Routing Numbers by State

Here are details of BB&T Routing Number for different US states and geographical locations.

States Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 0622-0398-4
District of Columbia (DC) 0540-0154-7
Florida (FL) 2631-9138-7
Georgia (GA) 0611-1341-5
Indiana (IN) 0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY) 0839-0068-0
Maryland (MD) 0550-0330-8
North Carolina (NC) 0531-0112-1
South Carolina (SC) 0532-0160-7
Tennessee (TN) 1110-1769-4
Virginia (VA) 0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV) 0515-0339-4

BB&T Routing Number can be seen in the lower left corner of your checks, just before the account number. This number should necessarily be provided when you need to use wire transfer or set up fund transfer from one bank to another. BB&T Corporation, the bank holding company, is one of the largest financial institutions in the country with over 1800 branches and nearly 2400 ATMs. With headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC, it has emerged as the dominating bank in the Carolinas, with Charlotte and Greensboro being some of the important locations of the bank.

BB&T Wire Transfer

AT BB&T, you do not need to visit a local branch in order to avail Wire Transfer services, as these services are very much available online. There are two options – Repetitive and Non-Repetitive. The first option is useful when you need to wire funds to a particular destination on a regular basis. The second is of course for one-time wire transfer requirement, and you need to set up all details every time you want to use the service.

There are three ways by which you can initiate a wire transfer. Cash Manager OnLine PC Wire Service, Corporate Call Wire Transfer, and Standing Transfer Order. Check the official website of the bank or call 1-800-810-5625 to know more on each of these and also on issues involving fee, form and associated costs. You can also browse our website to learn more about several other aspects of BBT Bank.


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