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BB&T Mortgage Rates

BB&T Mortgage Rates may vary from one state to another and one can get information regarding the same by talking to a representative of the bank. The phone number to contact a mortgage loan officer is 1-800-295-5744. The official website of the institution does not offer much information on today’s mortgage rates though you can get a lot of useful resources on current home mortgage and refinance programs. Here is a brief review of the available options at Branch Banking and Trust Company across all US markets where it has a presence.

Mortgage Options at BB&T

The following kinds of mortgage loans are available at the NC-based BB&T.

  1. Fixed Rate Mortgage: Consistent interest rate and fixed payment each month make it suitable for people with a stable income source.
  2. Adjustable Rate Mortgage: Floating interest rate with lower interest rates fixed for initial few years may help homebuyers with limited resources but good future prospects.
  3. Construction-to-Permanent Loan: One single loan solution for buying the lot, erecting a building structure over it and financing for a mortgage loan procured from some other sources.
  4. Veteran’s Administration Loan: These loans are available to qualified veterans at low rates and flexible terms for purchasing or refinancing an owner-occupied home.
  5. First-Time Home Buyer and Low Down Payment Loan: A good option for first-time home buyer and those who have limited resources to meet the down payment requirements at the closing of a loan.
  6. Jumbo Mortgage: If your lending requirement is more than what is available under a conventional option, a Jumbo mortgage might be the solution.

BB&T Fixed Mortgage Rates

As described above, BB&T Fixed Mortgage Loan Option is suitable for people with stability in income. The rates are fixed for the entire term, which could be anything from 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. Conventionally, the 15-year and 30-year fixed mortgage options are popular among borrowers. Here are some more details on the two:

  1. 30 Year Mortgage Rates: The extended loan term helps you manage your account conveniently. The monthly payments are the lowest among all other fixed-rate options. However, one drawback is that you will have to wait for more in order to build equity and pay off your debt.
  2. 15 Year Mortgage Rates: Your monthly payments would be more in this case, but you have opportunities to build home equity faster and pay of your debt quickly. You will also pay less interest over the period of the loan as compared to a 30-year mortgage. It is also possible to get a cash-out refinance soon in future.

BB&T Mortgage Rates Today

As mentioned earlier, BB&T Mortgage Rates Today are not available online. You need to call a loan officer of the institution to get the current interest rates for different loan options. Moreover, you are offered an opportunity to lock your rate over phone. The rate-lock period is 60 days for a home purchase loan, but for a refinance loan it is 30 days. Here is the phone number to contact a BB&T mortgage official.

Phone Number: 1-800-295-5744

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