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Bank of America Login Guide

Bank of America Online offers two prominent features besides many others for the safety and security of its customers’ accounts. These are Site Key and Safe Pass. The SiteKey feature doesn’t provide a prompt to enter the password unless one has verified a secured image. The Safepass, on the other hand, offers a safe way to obtain a password either through a mobile text message or a specially-created card.

The screen that first appears when you try to sign in from your computer asks you to enter the Online ID. The next screen displays a few images and you are required to select the one that you have already chosen during the enrollment for online banking. Remember that you won’t see this screen if you log in from a computer other than the one that you used during registration. Instead you are provided with a page that contains a set of challenge questions, the answers of which are known only to you. Only after completing this step, you will get to see the page where you can type in your passcode.

The login process is usually the same for most kinds of accounts. There could be credit card, mortgage, small business, military, checking & savings, investing, Privacy Assist Premier, wealth management, small business remote deposit, auto loan and a number of other accounts. Moreover, the former Countrywide or MBNA customers should also follow the same procedure as BofA customers do. However, for the customers of Merrill Lynch and for purposes like jobs, employee email, careers, express tax, credit report, supplier diversity, associates eWorkPlace, merchant services and others there may be different platforms and different login processes.

Most services are provided through the online banking platform, which can only be accessed through a proper login process. Moreover, one has to enroll first in order to be able to use this platform. The registration is easy and can be completed online. With safety features like sitekey and safepass your online transactions are secure from fraud and identity theft. Nevertheless, if you face any difficulty or problem in this regard you can call 1-800-427-2449. If you are a credit card customer or have a mortgage account at B of A, you can find it extremely convenient to make payments online. There are other benefits like quick access to account details, cash rewards and electronic statements, balance transfer and online bill pay.

To sign up for online banking, you need to provide some details regarding your identity and Bank of America account. The entire process can be broken into several steps. These are creation of online ID and passcode, SiteKey generation by selecting image, choosing SiteKey challenge questions and your confirmation to the enrolment. The ID and passcode are the keys to access your account online. So keep these confidential to you and never disclose them to anyone else. It is better to memorize them and avoid writing these on a piece of paper or any other material. When you log in for the first time from your computer, you are also required select your state, such as California or Washington. For issues like technical problems and when you forget your ID, you can call customer service at 1-800-792-0808.


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